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Diversity and Inclusion

Empower Beauty

Empower our People, Beauty of the Society


Motivate and empower all people who make up our society.

Diversity and Inclusion

Shiseido Life Quality Makeup

Shiseido Spots Cover was launched in 1956 to lessen the suffering of wartime burn victims, Shiseido has been hard at work developing makeup products and methods to cover various skin concerns for sixty years. Shiseido Life Quality Makeup supports people not only by covering up their visible skin problems, such as redness, paleness, dark spots, unevenness (scars and burn blemishes), and problems caused by cancer treatment, but also by allowing them to build confidence and courage to spend their days more positively with the power of makeup.

With our abundant resource of beauty knowledge and expertise, we continue to globally expand Shiseido Life Quality Makeup activities while raising awareness of our cosmetics business.

- KPI and results: Number of countries and regions where Shiseido Life Quality Makeup activities were carried out
Goal: 14 countries and regions in 2021  Results: 4 in 2018, 4 in 2017, and 4 in 2016
- KPI and results: Number of employees who participated in social contribution activities
Goal: 2,000 employees in 2022 Results: 757 in 2018, 1,553 in 2017, and 1,390 in 2016

Collaboration with UN Women / Promotion of Gender Equality

Shiseido is the first Japanese company to sign an agreement with UN Women, pledging its commitment to promoting gender equality in Japan. Since 2017, aiming to create more touchpoints with younger generations as a long-term business strategy, we have been conducting Awareness Raising Workshops on Gender Equality in 2017 and helping young people learn about common gender issues and suggest solutions for society. In 2018, Shiseido developed its own educational materials on fundamental gender issues, and conducted workshops in 33 schools nationwide; approximately 670 students participated in 2019.

Together with the generations of now, who will lead the society of tomorrow, Shiseido’s efforts will continue to eliminate the gender gap and establish a society where everyone can equally achieve their potential.

- KPI and results: Number of Gender Equality Workshop participants
Goal: 1,500 participants in 3 years (2017–2019)
Results: 1,915 participants in total (910 in 2019, 505 in 2018, and 500 in 2017)

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar

Against the backdrop of myriad social issues including an aging population and declining birthrate, aging caregivers and receivers, income inequality, and shrinking workforce, we have conducted a series of Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminars for various people (including job-seeking students, working professionals, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and cancer patients) as a sustainable, grassroots activity based in the idea of diverse beauty by utilizing Shiseido’s strength, the “Power of Makeup.” We further provide “Cosmetic Therapy Lessons” for people (including medical/care staff, volunteer staff, and citizens) who interact with elderly people, to foster practical skills and talent in the field of Cosmetic Therapy.

- KPI and results: Number of Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminars conducted
Goal: 3,300 seminars in 2019*
Results: 4,457 in 2018, 4,705 in 2017, and 4,522 in 2016

  • *Policy regarding seminars was changed in 2019