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Excellent Services to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

Beauty Consultants (BCs) have major roles in responding to consumer needs at the counters and introducing products and beauty information according to each and every consumer’s skin and cosmetic lifestyle. Since 1998, Shiseido has been first in the industry to introduce an in-house BC proficiency exam system certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. The system relating to beauty knowledge and techniques was aimed at enhancing the quality of counseling activities as the Group engaged in professional beauty services.

Overseas, in order to expand the number of regular users by maximizing consumer satisfaction, we have distributed and put into daily use Shiseido’s action indicator for Beauty Consultants, aimed at realizing “omotenashi spirit” at the storefronts worldwide. Also, to improve consultants’ response and suggestion capabilities at the storefronts, Shiseido has developed original software, a convergence of its accumulated service know-how and beauty techniques, to be effectively used as a globally applicable tool.

In June 2013, tablet computers named "Beauty Tablet" were distributed to approximately 10,000 Beauty Consultants across Japan. Since July of the same year, exclusively designed application software has been installed in those tablets and been used at the storefronts. "The Makeup Simulator" is one of the contents of the software, with which consumers can try virtual makeup, without removing their makeup, by simply positioning their face in front of the tablet just like looking into a mirror. Other features include Foundation Finder, Skincare Consultation and Healthcare that help Beauty Consultants select the most suitable items for individual consumers from a wide variety of products. Also, to create opportunities for consumers from overseas to meet Shiseido products and to enhance their beauty, some contents are displayed in foreign languages such as Chinese (traditional and simplified), English and Thai.

We aim to increase consumer satisfaction by using such tools developed by the latest technologies, intriguing consumers at the storefronts, and helping them discover their inherent charm unknown to themselves. At the same time, we try to promptly share the voice of our consumers by inputting their opinions into the Beauty Tablet and then transmitting the data to relevant departments by the following day.

In addition, in order to further improve and develop the service skills of domestic Beauty Consultants, we began from July 2016 to appoint Lead Beauty Consultants, who work at store counters with other consultants to encourage their steady growth. By creating an environment where Beauty Consultants can constantly develop their abilities, we make an extra effort to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Excellent Services to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction Excellent Services to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction