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Shiseido Disclosure Policy

Ⅰ. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Shiseido fully recognizes that the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information to investors forms the basis of a sound securities market. We will make constant efforts to improve our internal systems to ensure the prompt, accurate and fair disclosure of corporate information to all investors at the same time and from an investor's viewpoint, and will focus on the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information to investors. Through this timely and appropriate disclosure, we will endeavor to increase shareholder value by building favorable relationships with the capital market and incorporating market valuations in feedback to the management of the company.

Ⅱ. Standards for Information Disclosure

1. Timely disclosure of material information
We will disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other legislation and the rules on timely disclosure as defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on which Shiseido is listed. Additionally, material information will be determined by the information management officer (the officer in charge of disclosure) upon consultation with relevant departments within the company according to the contents of the information concerned.
2. Voluntary disclosure
Any information not required by the above rules on timely disclosure will be disclosed by us in light of timeliness and fairness if we consider it useful for investment decisions.

Ⅲ. Method of Information Disclosure

The disclosure of the material information prescribed in the rules for timely disclosure and the voluntary disclosure of other useful information not required by the rules will be made through TDnet (“TDnet”) , a timely disclosure system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information disclosed on TDnet is also disclosed promptly via the Shiseido website.

Ⅳ. Handling of Nonpublic Information and Response to Rumors

To avoid selective disclosure of nonpublic and voluntarily disclosed information to specific investors, we will manage information properly in accordance with internal rules for internal stakeholders involved with such information. In addition, when we recognize that certain rumors about the company are circulating that can significantly affect the capital market, we will disclose information promptly through channels such as “TDnet.”

Ⅴ. Quiet Periods

To prevent leaks of financial results before the announcement and to assure fairness, Shiseido observes a quiet period before the announcement of business results. The quiet period is from the day after the closing date* to the date on which earnings are announced each quarter. During the quiet period, we do not answer inquiries or make any comments on business results. Should it prove necessary to make timely disclosure during the quiet period, Shiseido will do so under the rules on timely disclosure.

  1. *The closing date of the fiscal year was March 31 but is December 31 from fiscal 2015.

Ⅵ. Forward-Looking Statements

Statements of information disclosed by Shiseido that are not historic facts are forward-looking statements that reflect management's views and assumptions at the time of the announcement and management targets based on its plans. These forward-looking statements may involve risks and other uncertain factors, and the actual business results and performance may differ materially from the projections contained in these forward-looking statements.

  • Last revised in January 2018