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To all affected by the novel coronavirus in China and other regions

About the “Relay of Love Project”

First of all, let me express my deepest sympathies to those who have suffered loss from and who are affected by the novel coronavirus. We strongly share the anxiety of those who are spending each day under these worrisome circumstances.

To support those in need, Shiseido announces the “Relay of Love Project”, in the hope that everyone affected may return to health and safety as soon as possible. Shiseido firstly donates 10 million RMB to support the procurement of necessary materials for medical treatment and infection prevention. We will also donate a portion of regional sales for continuous supporting actions.

For Shiseido, which originates from Japan, China is our dear neighbor, and the name ”Shiseido” comes from the Chinese Yi Jing, the Book of Changes. Since beginning sales in Beijing in 1981, Shiseido, together with customers in China, has nurtured a lifestyle of beauty and culture nearly 40 years. Shiseido Group has more than 10,000 Chinese employees around the world. Especially in this difficult time, we respectfully pledge to stand beside you all as customers, partners, and friends.

Throughout this unforeseeable situation, we can move ahead together toward the future through our “Relay of Love”.
We believe we can help to overcome the crisis of this world we share.

Shiseido Company, Limited
Masahiko Uotani

About the “Relay of Love Project”
■Shiseido donates 10 million RMB (approximately 150 million yen) to the Shanghai Charity Foundation
■1% of Shiseido Group sales from Asian markets will be reserved* as in-house funds to support the following activities
・Donate to charity to support the restoration of daily lives
・Offer utility products from Shiseido Group to areas in need
・Offer various support to invigorate people through the power of beauty
* Starting from February 2020, for 6 months or until the situation is resolved;
Expected amount: 130 million RMB (approximately 2 billion yen)